Leeds Skeptics are a friendly group of free thinkers who get together to discuss issues of science, pseudoscience and philosophy - a broad range of topics from homoeopathy and creationism to space weather and generic research. Importantly, we like to do this "in the Pub." You can find out more about us here.

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Upcoming Events

  1. How to Talk to the Dead
    How to Talk to the Dead

    Hydesville. New York. 1848. The young Fox sisters begin communicating with the spirit of a murdered beggar and spiritualism is born. This interactive look at a history of talking to the dead will feature an array of magical treats including levitating tables, ectoplasm manifestation and spirit communication. Part magic show, part comedy, part rational inquiry this fun show has regularly packed venues at the Edinburgh fringe. Ouija Boards Spirit Slates Spirit Communication Stopped Pulses Spewing ectoplasm And more... "Ash Pryce is a naturally funny guy and won't allow his audience to be bored" "Very entertaining" - edfringereview [More].